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Paella Recipe [Sep. 10th, 2011|12:57 am]
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Spanish Paella ( Saintoctober version)


1 cup of lentils

3 cups of Thai jasmine brown rice



Prawns ( around 150 grams)

Calamari ( 1 squid )

chicken ( could be 1 or 2 thighs or only

chicken breast)

3 - 4 whole potatoes

chilli powder

turmeric powder

bay leaves

Ghee ( if you cannot source for one then
you can use butter as an alternative -- olive oil if you're too health


Ginger ( around 20 grams approx.)

Garlic ( two whole )

Green chillies ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/muzikbug/370610704/




Marinate the prawns and calamari in fresh
lemon juice, half a teaspoon of Paprika,and leave it in the fridge for
20 min or more.

( I am not sure how this affects taste
or cooking bit this marination can be optional,I am not a seafood cooking

For rice - add the lentils and rice in
the rice cooker and add water as instructed in the manual for the quantity.I
measure by adding water until it reaches the level of the first line
middle finger with the tip touching the top level of the grains.Add
one table spoon of ghee, 2 bay leaves, 3 green chillies cut through
the middle but not in whole half ( to add flavour and not the heat),
half a teaspoon of salt, one stick of cinnamon,5 cardamons,and marinated
seafood into the pot.Leave all to cook in the rice cooker.

The rice cooker would be more than 1.5L
as these portions of ingredient meant to serve for 3-5 persons.

For the chicken - stir fry finely chopped
Onions and Mixed ginger/garlic (in a grinder,add salt and water as needed)
into hot oil on a wok or a frying pan with hollow depth.add a quarter
of teaspoon turmeric power and one teaspoon of chilli power into the
mix, add chicken and stir until the colour of the meat changes to white
from raw.Add half a stick of cinnamon and 4-6 cardamons.

Add in the chopped potatoes into the
chicken.stir and mix well.add in 2 and a half cup of water and let it
cook in low heat.Cook until the gravy pertains a thick consistency.

Rice and chicken mix - 

The chicken would be ready while the
rice is still cooking.If the rice cooker still shows red indicator (
which is usually still cooking and yellow for cooked/warm) then nevermind,
turn off the cooker, add the chicken into the rice and mix well.You
will notice the seafood and most of the grain already cooked but some
watery substance bubbling in the rice cooker.Close the lid and turn
on the cooker again.Let it cook until indicator changes to warm.If the
rice still contains watery substance, then not to worry it will all
dry up while the rice cooker is still in warm mode.make sure all the
ingredients are mixed together well.